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Private Paddock Agistment

We offer private paddock agistment tailored to your needs; whether that be DIY or or full care with hard feed and hay twice a day, and rugs on and off.

Agistment includes use of all arenas.


Short Term (less than 3 months)

DIY $20 per horse per day

Full care $35.38 per horse per day

Paddock shelter + $2 per horse, per day


Long Term (more than 3 months)

DIY $16.20 per horse per day

Full care $31.58 per horse per day

Paddock shelter + $2 per horse, per day



We take on horses post injury or post surgery to care for them and rehabilitate them on the HorseGym treadmill. We also offer to pre-train racehorses following a spell to prepare them for trackwork.


Please contact us for more information




$25 per horse, per use



Facilities are available to hire for clinics or competitions. Includes use of day yards and kitchen facilities.

Monthly arena memberships are available, where you may use the facilities at times convenient to you for a flat rate of $160 per month, per combination.


$300 indoor arena or

$500 both arenas, per day



Lessons in dressage or showjumping are available with Grace Lawes at Randall Park. Lessons are also available on a school horse.


$75 per lesson

$80 per lesson on school horse

“My young Irish Sport Horse had been started under saddle 12 months earlier and spelled for 9 months to give him time to mature and I was carefully considering where to send him to be brought back into work. After talking with Aimee and having seen results Aimee achieved with someone else’s horse, I had no hesitation in sending him to Randall Park.

Randall Park offered excellent facilities and the availability of the treadmill was ideal. Having been both an eventer and a breeder, I am always very conscious of joints being exposed to concussion, especially with such a large, big boned young horse. Knowing that walking for at least 10 minutes prior to any concussion work lubricates and protects the joints, the treadmill allowed Caiden to be started slowly. The experience of regular work on the treadmill has been very beneficial to him, he has built muscle, increased fitness and in my opinion his walk has improved in activity and regularity.

I would like to thank Aimee for the professional way in which my horse’s work program was managed. I was kept informed and regularly asked if there was anything else I would like to have introduced to the program.

Caiden came home working happily forward in an excellent rhythm and tempo. He is nicely responsive to the leg and happy to work in a contact.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Aimee to anyone who would like their horse worked for education or to increase their fitness.”

Annette Walls
Bellbrook Irish Sport and Performance Horses
Bairnsdale, Vic