Randall Park is a family owned and operated purpose built equestrian property situated in Warragul, just one hour from Melbourne.
Our first class facilities are ideal for the care, training and development of both horses and riders.


The INDOOR ARENA is a Olympic size 60m x 20m, incorporating imported surface Soiltex. Undercover saddle up / wash bays with hot wash and LED lighting are situated inside this complex, as well as tack rooms, bathrooms and kitchen facilities.


The OUTDOOR ARENA is a huge 80m x 40m, incorporating imported surface Soiltex. This arena is floodlit and a full course of show jumps are available to use.


The HORSE GYM TREADMILL offers a great addition to any conditioning program, as well as being a superior rehabilitation technique.



The ROUND YARD is a 20m diameter riversand arena - a great place to work with green horses.


Randall Park provides safe accommodation with elastic high visibility wire fencing, automatic waterers and paddock shelters. Our PADDOCKS are regularly rotated, rested and we have a diligent weed management program.

Undercover saddle up/wash bays

UNDERCOVER SADDLE UP / WASH BAYS offer riders a convenient are to care for and prepare their horse for work. With two hot wash bays, there's no letting you horse go cold while you are waiting in line.

“Beautiful facilities with safe paddocks, yards and stabling to keep your horse, but with added bonus of access to some of Australia's best coaches in showjumping and dressage and training competitions to keep us on our toes!”

Louisa Hagedorn