Large Animal Rescue Workshop

One Day Large Animal Rescue Workshop

13th of July 2019

Registrations via: Large Animal Rescue Workshop Form

An event not to be missed!

Presentation and practical session will ensure that all participants will leave well informed and with more confidence to deal with emergency situations involving large animals.

Workshop will touch on the following topics:

Typical rescues - mud, horse floats, water, septic tanks and water tanks, sinkholes, swimming pools, fences and gates, cliffs, ditches and gullies, hanging, incidents at shows and events
Public perception of how situations are handled
Danger zones around a trapped horse and what to do when a horse becomes trapped
Why emergency services and a vet are vital to the success of a rescue
The Incident Control System and how to work within it
The physiology of a horse in a stressful situation
The mistakes owners make, what to do while waiting for help and what to do when emergency responders arrive
The golden rules of Large Animal Rescue
Approaching a trapped horse and keeping the rescue simple, low-tech and fast
Basic rescue techniques - forward assist, backward assist, sideways drag, rollover and more advanced techniques vertical lift, hobbled lift, rescue from a horse float (the dangers of working in a confined space)
Caring for a horse after it has been rescued


Day commencing at 8:30am and concluding at 3:30pm.

All participants will receive a copy of the book Equine Emergency Rescue - A Guide To Large Animal Rescue.

Participants will be involved in a practical session and it is advised that appropriate clothing should be worn, including closed toe shoes, gloves and helmets.


$170.00per person including morning tea and light lunch.

To make a booking please direct an email to: